Felix Bühler Chidren's Grip Full-Seat Leggings Abigail

Felix Bühler

Chidren's Grip Full-Seat Leggings Abigail




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Product Description
Sporty, breathable and super comfortable children's riding leggings made from a high quality, stretchy 4-way stretch material with silicone full-seat. Large Felix Bühler print on the front. Elastic waistband. 90% nylon, 10% elastane.

No.: 810493-8Y-GF


4-Way Stretch 4-Way Stretch
This product is made of innovative 4-way stretch material. The flexible stretch fabric allows maximum mobility and is capable of stretching in every direction. Therefore, the 4-way stretch technology is frequently used for sports and functional clothing such as equestrian clothing.
Breathable Breathable
Breathability refers to the ability of a man-made fibre or natural fibre to release the body's own water vapor. Breathable fabrics allow for quick drying already during use and thus prevent both heat build-up from the body under the fabric as well as cooling due to dammed up moisture.

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