Felix Bühler Saddle Pad Lace

Felix Bühler

Saddle Pad Lace





Product Description
Elaborately crafted saddle pad in silky shimmering fabric with extraordinary quilting and delicate lace cover in matching colours. Additional details such as double, shiny decorative cord and Felix Bühler logo in BE rose gold, GC, DF and NU silver and S gold. With Velcro on saddle loops and girth loops underlaid with abrasion protection. Underside made of moisture-absorbing Air-Mesh. 100% polyester

P: back length 56 cm, depth 47 cm

DR: back length 62 cm, depth 56 cm

GP: back length 61 cm, depth 55 cm

No.: 210985-DR-S


Available in Pony Size Available in Pony Size
This product is (also) available in pony size. Ponies and Shetland ponies have a special exterior which requires specific equipment that is particularly tailored to their body dimensions. Aside from their low height, small hooves, a compact back as well as a short croup are often characteristic for different breeds of ponies.

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