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Sweet Itch Fly Rug Gibson





Product Description
Innovative, well-fitting Sweet Itch rug made of elastic and breathable functional material for horses that are particularly sensitive to midges. Easy to put on neck section thanks to zip system without having to tiresomely pull the rug over the horse's head. With Velcro loop on the neck section for attachment to the headcollar. Soft fleece padding at withers and chest. All-round protection thanks to generous, elastic belly flap and double tail flap. Removable genital and udder protection made of air and liquid permeable mesh material to protect against black flies. 100% polyester.

No.: 422447-4_0-SI


Available in Pony Size Available in Pony Size
This product is (also) available in pony size. Ponies and Shetland ponies have a special exterior which requires specific equipment that is particularly tailored to their body dimensions. Aside from their low height, small hooves, a compact back as well as a short croup are often characteristic for different breeds of ponies.
Breathable Breathable
Breathability refers to the ability of a man-made fibre or natural fibre to release the body's own water vapor. Breathable fabrics allow for quick drying already during use and thus prevent both heat build-up from the body under the fabric as well as cooling due to dammed up moisture.

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