Felix Bühler Fleece Bandages Pastel Blossoms

Felix Bühler

Fleece Bandages Pastel Blossoms




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Product Description
Classic fleece bandages with a wide fabric insert in a shiny satin look and a discreet flower print over the Velcro strap. Small engraved plate with Felix Bühler logo in NU, FL and GC silver, gold in WT and rose gold in FO. 100% polyester.

F (Full): 300 x 11 cm

P (Pony): 200 x 8 cm

No.: 530699-P-FL


Available in Pony Size Available in Pony Size
This product is (also) available in pony size. Ponies and Shetland ponies have a special exterior which requires specific equipment that is particularly tailored to their body dimensions. Aside from their low height, small hooves, a compact back as well as a short croup are often characteristic for different breeds of ponies.

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