Felix Bühler Grip Full-Seat Soft Shell Breeches Larissa

Felix Bühler

Grip Full-Seat Soft Shell Breeches Larissa





Product Description
Innovative and cosy warm soft shell women's breeches with a high-quality silicone full seat, the Felix Bühler Grip-System. Great fit! No bothersome seams on the knee. Cosy brushed inside, wind-resistant and water-repellent. The soft shell material is easy to clean, hard-wearing, very stretchy and comfy. Contrast coloured details on the front and back, innovative leg cuffs, elastic waistband, 2 zip pockets at the front, striped tapes. Outer material 74% nylon, 26% elastane; inner material 92% polyester, 7% elastane.

No.: 810500-2732-S

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Water-Repellent Water-Repellent
If a fabric or product is classified as water-repellent it means it will repel water but is not impervious to it, or put in another way, there is a level of water pressure it can withstand before leaks start to appear. Water-repellent jackets can prevent moisture and short rain showers getting through, as water molecules, due to the impregnation of the outer fabric, evaporate and penetration of moisture is prevented, for example, by wind or extreme pressure on the material. Regular impregnating of the material preserves the water-repellent qualities.
Wind-Resistant Wind-Resistant
The water-and wind-resistant soft shell material provides good protection from the dangerous wind chill effect, which results from air getting through the material to the skin. Coated soft shells without membranes usually offer higher breathability but are less water-repellent. However, when being exposed to rain for several hours, one should in any case have a waterproof rain jacket in reserve. It is recommendable to fall back on a waterproof jacket during persistent rain. The seams of wind-resistant functional textiles are not welded or laminated, which distinguishes wind-resistant from windproof.
Breathable Breathable
Breathability refers to the ability of a man-made fibre or natural fibre to release the body's own water vapor. Breathable fabrics allow for quick drying already during use and thus prevent both heat build-up from the body under the fabric as well as cooling due to dammed up moisture.

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