Equilibre Women's Jodhpurs Super-Stretch


Women's Jodhpurs Super-Stretch



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Product Description
Super elastic, comfortable jodhpurs by Equilibre with a full seat made of synthetic leather. The seat is crease free and effectively prevents painful pressure ridges, pinching and friction thanks to the anatomical fit of the breeches. It also ensures a slip-resistant seat of the rider on the smooth surface of the saddle. The stretch material is robust, low-maintenance and fast drying.
Thanks to the breathable qualities of the fabric, the jodhpurs are pleasant and comfortable to wear, even during strenuous exercises. The elastic, adjustable foot strap prevents the slightly flared trouser leg from riding up. Front zip pocket, strong belt loops. Machine washable at 40°C.

62% polyester, 33% viscose, 5% elastane.

No.: 810249-20-S

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Rating 8

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Overall rating: 4.2
Number of reviews: 8 Reviews
75% of 8 reviews submitted were positive.
Customer rating from 20.12.2017 (Verified Purchase)
This is a fantastic pair of jodhpurs. The material is good, the fit is good, the workmanship is good. Just be warned that they are fairly large so it's worth ordering a size smaller than you usually wear.
Customer rating from 3.10.2017 (Verified Purchase)
too big
Customer rating from 1.8.2017 (Verified Purchase)
I sent these back as they were far too big, despite the size (30L Navy) being my normal size. I am awaiting a replacement smaller pair, ( 28L Navy) but the communication is so appalling that I have no idea if a smaller pair are being despatched to me or not
Customer rating from 29.7.2017 (Verified Purchase)
Great quality but comes up big so had to be returned
Customer rating from 10.7.2017 (Verified Purchase)
Top quality, fast delivery, fit like a glove. Thankyou.
Customer rating from 20.1.2017 (Verified Purchase)
My wife loves these. She's now on her second pair; they get used a lot and she finds them very comfortable and longer lasting than most other jodhpurs she had had in the past.

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