CMP Highloft Hooded Jacket Guilia


Highloft Hooded Jacket Guilia



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Extra cuddly, high-quality, elastic fluffy jacket in a two-tone look. Side panels made of a woollen mix material. 2 zip insertion pockets, elastic waistband and cuffs, great CMP logo on the sleeve. 100% polyester. Panels 42% wool, 42% acrylic, 16% polyester.

No.: 652551-8-A

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Customer rating from 6.1.2019 (Verified Purchase)
Too overpriced after seeing it i figured it would be more like a outside jacket but it simply is a one layer fleece, such a shame because i really really like the pile of the fleece and design, but that was another concern over the price - if the pile of the fleece looked weird in a short period of wearing it - i would of been really cross/disappointed, returned it