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Dog Coats


Many people ask themselves the question whether dogs need a jacket or a coat. After all, these are animals that did not need such accessories before they were domesticated. It is often observed that dogs with short fur freeze in the cold season. This is especially true for dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Dachshunds or Jack Russell Terriers. The reason for this in dogs with short fur is the missing undercoat, which acts as an additional layer of warmth in autumn and winter. Other reasons for a dog jacket or coat are e.g. diseases or the age of the dog. As with horse rugs, the dog jacket should be tailored to the individual needs and the dog's sensitivity to cold.


In our online shop you will find various models of dog jackets and dog coats. Besides simple fleece coats there are also waterproof dog coats, which are thickly padded, so that even very cold dogs are protected from the cold in sub-zero temperatures. Dogs with short legs are particularly exposed to the cold coming from the ground, which is why dog owners should make sure that the stomach is protected when buying a jacket. Most dog coats are equipped with a wide collar to prevent the neck area from cooling down and becoming tense. Other details, such as reflective elements or innovative fastenings make the dog jackets a practical companion for extended walks in cold temperatures. Depending on the area of application, a dog jacket can not only act as a thermal protection. There are also light raincoats or rain jackets made of PVC material, which can protect the dog from cooling down through wetness. For dogs that are active in sports, such as agility, a light fleece dog coat can prevent the already warmed muscles from cooling down. Of course, the coat should only be used before training and during rest breaks.


So that dogs can enjoy their exploratory walks without restriction, the dog clothing should fit perfectly. Depending on the breed of dog, not only the length of the back but also the body shape varies greatly. For example, a pug and a Jack Russell Terrier have a similar back length, but the figure of a Jack Russell Terrier is usually much more athletic than that of a pug. In order to determine the correct fit of the dog jacket, one usually needs the back length, the height and/or the side length of the torso. The back length is measured from the neck to the base of the tail. The side length from the spine to the longest point of the torso. This information can be used to determine the required size of the dog coat or jacket using the size tables provided in the online shop and in the catalogue. Of course, also trying on the coat is an important part of finding out whether the dog coat fits. The dog must be able to move without restriction. Freedom of movement should be guaranteed, especially for the head, limbs and tail.


At Kramer Equestrian dog owners will find high-quality dog accessories with the best price-performance ratio. In addition to cute dog toys, cuddly dog beds and dog collars and leashes, you will find a huge range of dog jackets and dog coats. The top brand for dog accessories is sugar dog. But also brands that specialize in horse accessories and horse rugs can use their knowledge from the equestrian sport in the production of dog jackets. These include well-known manufacturers such as STEEDS, Felix Bühler, HORSEWARE, Bucas or THERMO MASTER. In addition to the practical details, the design naturally also plays a major role. The dog coats in our assortment are based on the current trends. Interesting colour combinations, patterns or high-quality embroidery enhance the functional jackets and make man's best friend an absolute eye-catcher at the next walk.